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Why We Are Different

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

"We want our customers to have the best day that they could have ever dreamed"

Bride at Harmony Ridge Lodge- photo: MelanieSoleil

There are many things that can set catering companies apart from one another. Antonio Ayestaran Custom Catering provides 'full service' which includes many features not all types of quick-drop n' go, or deli style caterers will offer as their standard service. We include staffing for venues who require the catering company to do set up as well as serving food. Many of the Venues we work with require specific set up and restrictions which require staffing and other considerations. Antonio works with you and the Venue to assure you have tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, and a service staff to provide excellence in a buffet, family or plated table-side service. Antonio's provides this Full-Service in his pricing so you won't have surprises from add-on's. Most of our listed venues require this type of Full-Service.

What does Full-Service mean to us?


*We want to make this day as stress free as possible for our clients (and their family and friends). In order for us to accomplish this, we start with our staff. Our staff is professional and well trained, that not only love what we do, but love who we work with! Many of us have been working together for over 5 years! We use the same staff for each event, so that we are able to send our "A" team to each event. Service is of the utmost importance to us, we believe this is the bread and butter to our business. Our expectations are set incredibly high and we want you to feel the same when you choose us to cater your event!

One Event, Period.:

*We want our customers to have the best day that they could have ever dreamed of. In order for us to do this we only schedule one event at a time. This ensures that you have the best "on point wait staff" and that all of our products and services are available, and of course, that Antonio can be at each event. Our main focus is to create amazing food and make you feel as comfortable and special as possible.

Catering, that's all folks!:

*We are not a deli, or a restaurant. When we create a meal specific to you and your event, we won't be saving any extras to sell the following week, or to offer as a special. In fact, we leave any leftovers for you, to enjoy after your event. This can also help you be rest assured that we won't use food from someone else's event. We use local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, and make everything fresh. We also never use frozen meats or seafood. Because we are solely a catering company, we have the ability to focus on you and your event. Send us a message today for more information. Antonio or Gianna are incredibly quick to get back to you, either via email or by phone if you have any questions!

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