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Full Service Wedding Catering

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Antonio's Catering provides the following service included in your menu when quoted a per person price:

Champagne Pour

Water Service

Cake Cutting

Iced Tea and Lemonade

Coffee Service

(this includes sugar selection and 1/2 and 1/2,

with Regular and Decaf coffee)

Ice pickup and delivery

Items we also provide:

Drink Station Dispensers

Coffee Brewer

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Water Pitchers

Chafing Dishes

Buffet Utensils

(this includes all bowls, platters, spoons, baskets, tongs needed for service with the buffet.)

Serving Trays "Bunk Beds" for cheese

We make it easy

We don't like to price everything out for our customers piece by piece. We want to give you a clean and readable quote. To make this easy for you (and for us) we simply include everything that we have available in each quote. As long as you request it, we will make sure to have it available.

This is also something that we can provide, because we only do one event a day.




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