Antonio Ayestarán Custom Catering is the most sought-after catering company in Nevada County and surrounding areas.

     Offering delicious food, extraordinary personal service and a genuine passion for hospitality  Antonio helps you make memories for family and friends. There are several factors which distinguish one catering company from others.   Antonio provides a full-service catering service. His service includes the attention to detail and comprehensive pricing you will not get from other caterers.    Antonio has built an exemplary reputation and relationship with dozens of venues for site-specific restrictions, amenities and logistic issues to resolve problems you will never be aware could be of concern. Rental coordination for dinnerware and linens are all part of a package.


Captivating Cuisine

Superior Service
Decadent Diversion

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Why Antonio is Unique

     Several factors distinguish one catering company from others.  Antonio's provides a full-service which includes items that are not only necessary but are often add-ons at other caterers.

       We make this day as stress-free as possible for our clients (and their family and friends). For us to accomplish this, we start with a well trained, professional staff that not only love what they do but love working as a team.  Many of Antonios staff have worked together for years!   Antonio uses the same crew for each event so that we can send our "A" team to each event.  Service is of the utmost importance in our mission, and we believe this is the bread and butter to our business. Our expectations are set incredibly high, and we want you to feel the same when you choose us to cater your event!

~One Event, Period.
           We want our customers to have the best day they could have imagined.  We only schedule one event at a time. This factor ensures that you have the best "on point wait staff" and that all of our products and services are available, and of course, that Antonio can be at each event. Our primary focus is to create fantastic food and make you feel as comfortable and unique as possible.

~Catering, that's all we do
      We are not a deli or a restaurant. When we create a meal specific to you and your event, we won't be saving any extras to sell the following week, or to offer as a special.  As is our custom, we leave any leftovers for you, to enjoy after your event. We use local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, and make everything fresh.  Antonio never uses frozen meats or seafood. Because we are solely a catering company, we can focus on you and your event. Send us a message today for more information. Antonio is very quick to get back to you, either via email or by phone if you have any questions!